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PCN Mission Statement - The Pilot Communication Net began in 1996 by founder David L. Roberts. The new PCN has merged with RSP and has since grown to thousands of subscribers existing to carry on the tradition of providing information and keeping our retired and active pilots and their families connected through this completely volunteer communitcation and networking effort.
Retired Pilot Benefit
PCN Mission Statement - The original Delta Retired Pilot Communication Network began in 1996 by founder David L. Roberts. The new PCN is this original Network merged with the RSP managed by Mark Sztanyo, and now has grown to large web community. PCN exists to carry on the tradition of serving our pilot and Delta community and their families by keeping them informed and connected through this completely volunteer communication and networking effort.
Retired Delta Pilot's Page

What do I have (or don’t have) page?

While flying, when something went wrong one of the first questions that went through our mind in the cockpit was...."what have I lost and what do I have?"

Okay, in the retired world, things have changed and will continue to change. You can bet on that. Now, (as related to my old DAL job) bottom line, i again ask, "what have I lost and what do I have?"

Realizing that a "hub" page for all of our remaining benefits is somewhat of a moving target, I wish to create a useful page that fills the bill.

This is a comprehensive page for living Retired Delta Pilots

(for Survivors of Delta pilots click here)


List of many important benefit phone numbers & addresses for retired pilots

Call Delta ESC 1-800-MYDELTA  (1-800-693-3582)

email: ESC.Delta@delta.com  and deltaselfservice@acs-inc.com

Retired Insurance --Health:

Under age 60- (you do not have a company sponsored group plan)

HCTC for eligible pilots between ages 55-65:

IRS HCTC home page  HCTC Customer Contact 1-866-628-4282


HCTC Delta specific FAQ's

HCTC registration To Do list

HCTC state qualified plans

HCTC - How to Receive the HCTC

IRS HCTS filing form 8885

Tricare (for retired military)

Medicare and supplemental after

Retired Insurance --Survivor Benefits: (Review your life insurance needs while keeping the following in mind)

Delta Pilots Disability & Survivorship Plan (Trust Fund) (Yes, "Your surviving spouse and eligible family members will receive survivor annuity benefits, up to a total of 25%-35% of your final average earnings (from the Delta Pilots D & S Trust)     Sample Survivor Benefit Calculation available from ESC (if you are persistent) for a specific retiree.  This gives you an idea of how D&S survivor benefit is calculated.

  WHAT DO WE HAVE? - D & S Trust assembled document: Click Here

DPMA? (None. Any and all benefits terminate upon your retirement)

Delta paid life insurance? Your designated beneficiary will receive life insurance proceeds paid from a Basic LI policy DAL holds on employees and retirees.(amount is $50,000 if you die in first year after retirement, declining $10,000/year to minimum of $10,000)."

Independently owned life insurance (Click here and ask for a quote)


LOA 51 and how it affects disability. 

Click here for Memo to Disabled Pilots

Retirement Income:

Monthly Qualified Annuity (Problems or changes contact PBGC 1-800-400-7242)

Distributed “claim” for Non-Qualified ( 2 part claim distribution-then done!)

  (MEC 06-06 Bulletin describing Claims and sale in general)

Distributed "claim" for lost medical benefits (negotiated by the Pilot 1114 comm)

Continued “qualified” benefits now paid by PBGC

Social Security benefits  1-800-772-1213

SS offset of your pension annuity Your Delta benefits will be reduced on the earlier of the date you begin receiving Social Security retirement benefits, or required Social Security retirement age.

• DAL Seniority Date before 02/09/82: monthly reduction is $117 at 65; $94 at 62.

• Seniority Date after 02/09/82 monthly reductions: age 62 - $259 age 64 - $302, age 63 -

$281 age 65 - $324

• Social Security reduction is prorated if DAL service is under 25 years and due to Frozen

Plan date of 12/31/2004.

Stark article on Claims 3-27-07


Retiree travel benefits

S1A passes for a retiree? Click RetTravel

Buddy Pass rider travel guide


Frugal Traveler (Search a universe of travel at best rates on the web)


DALPA Limited web site access      1-800-USA-ALPA

ALPA insurance or any other benefit – none 

Contract Comparison 2011

Latest ALPA (PWA) Pilot Working Agreement

Latest ALPA retired Handbook    (dated  2005 ver.)

Latest ALPA contractual bulletins effecting retirees

Latest ALPA seniority list   (Aug '12)

Official web sites for my access as a retiree:

Delta Pilot DDPSA   Delta Disabled Pilots & Survivor Association

PBGC        PBGC at 1-800-400-7242   (Monthly Benefits STOP for most survivors, but D&S Trust begins)

IRS HCTC home page  Health Coverage Tax Credit  IRS HCTC FAQ's

Delta ExtraNet  (Retiree limited access to Travel Net, ESS, Flight Ops and more)

DALRC (Delta Air Lines Retirement Committee)

Pilot 1114 Committee   seldom updated

Delta Retiree Connection   seldom updated


American Seniors

Generation America


Social Security Administration

Helpful web sites for Delta Pilot Retirees:

PCN Pilot Communicaton Net


Delta Golden Wings

Delta Pioneers


Neighborhood local meetings – Dave Robert’s list

Email lists and email rings to subscribe to:

PCN email ring

ORD pilots -Skjerven's list

Ley's News email List

Dave Robert's


Airline Pilot Central


Delta Insider THE AJC

Yahoo Airline News

PCN Misc Links:

Deceased Pilot Page

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