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PCN Mission Statement - The Pilot Communication Net began in 1996 by founder David L. Roberts. The new PCN has merged with RSP and has since grown to thousands of subscribers existing to carry on the tradition of providing information and keeping our retired and active pilots and their families connected through this completely volunteer communitcation and networking effort.
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PCN Disclaimer: We publish information shared by our network and we do not confirm the accuracy
of shared data, so member/subscriber use caution and verify. 

Webmaster, Editor of "High Life" and Coordinator of PCN - Mark Sztanyo, Ret. B767 Capt. 2005

Welcome to the PCN website.  The PCN exists to inform, connect and serve our DAL pilot community, both active and retired.
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PCN Mission Statement - The original Delta Retired Pilot Communication Network began in 1996 by founder David L. Roberts. The new PCN is this original Network merged with the RSP managed by Mark Sztanyo, and now has grown to large web community. PCN exists to carry on the tradition of serving our pilot and Delta community and their families by keeping them informed and connected through this completely volunteer communication and networking effort.
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